A Letter to Me

We had an activity during our last Enrichment Wednesday where students wrote a letter to their past self.  They were supposed to think back to themselves exactly a year ago and write a letter explaining them what to expect in third grade.  I was so excited about this activity that I had to participate myself!

June 24, 2015

Dear Jaymie from last July,

I know that you’re somewhere in the woods in the mountains trying not to think about how nervous you are to start your new job in a city that you don’t even live in, but you’re going to have the best year ever!

Your kids will love to read and write just like you do!  They love to be outside.  They love animals, adventures, and they love to learn.

You’ll also be amazed at how the parents like to be involved with the class.  You may be nervous at first, but they’re helpful, don’t mind sending in supplies, and they plan the best parties.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their help or to encourage their participation.  Your room won’t be big enough for all of the family members that come to celebrate with you.  You’ll have to rent out the media center or have learning experiences outside!  They will really make you feel appreciated and purposeful!

Finally, you’ve never worked at a school like PUE before and you’re going to be surprised at how inviting the other teachers are and at how helpful they try to be. Your principal will be awesome and so encouraging.  He’s even silly and loves having fun with the students.  At PUE you really get to grow as a teacher and as a person.

Last year Jaymie, I really think you have no idea about the year ahead of you.  After you live it, I think that you’ll call it the best one in a long time.


Jaymie 2015


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